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Setting: Felix comes from an original modern Earth analogue in which people have begun to exhibit unexplained abilities, termed Xenanthropes, or simply Xenos, after the first cases were diagnosed as 'xenanthroposis.' Although Xenanthropes existed before, they were rare enough to go unnoticed, but this is no longer the case.

Brief History: Felix was born to a couple with low-level telepathic potential who met through a university ESP study in the 80s. Where his parents had only very limited capabilities, Felix's went far beyond theirs, manifesting even in the womb. As a child, he was accustomed to forming deep telepathic bonds with his parents, but knew he couldn't do the same with other people, and found the inanity of most people's surface thoughts frustrating and distasteful. As his powers grew, they came to include telepathy, telekinesis, and clairsentience; he also found it more and more difficult to shut out the surface thoughts of the people around him as he became more sensitive. However, he was away at college when the first outbreaks of Xenanthroposis and Xeno criminal activity began to appear, and in one of the first incidents, his parents were killed. He became sullen and aimless for a few years, until recruited by EXCALIBUR, a UN organization established for the policing of international Xenanthrope criminal activity.

Age: 28
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220lbs
Nationality: British
Build: Very tall, lanky, even gangly

Played by: Vincent Cassel (w/ Mancunian/Lancashire accent)
Played In: Nowhere

Notes: Can be played from any time between college and his career as an EXCALIBUR Special Inspector.


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